Almunif Pipe

MMP produces high performance compounds meeting the highest international quality standards with competitive prices. Our Compounds are designed to give easy processing product for rigid applications (Pipes and Fittings) enabling the manufacturers to produce with high production rates with great quality.

CPVC Compound

Our MMP CPVC compound grade M611 is designed for extrusion applications “Pipes” with Gray and Cream color, and any other color as customer requirements.

CPVC Compound TDS

CPVC Compound TDS


UPVC Compound

Our MMP PVC compound grade MT2 is designed for injection applications for Pressure and Non-Pressure fittings with wide variety of colors (Light gray, Dark gray, White, and Orange) and any other color as customer requirements.

UPVC Compound TDS

PVC Compound TDS

For more information please contact Mr.Abdulrahman Taha This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +966 550 901 658

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